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Groove Entertainment has been providing services for corporate events for more than twelve years. With that level of experience comes a working knowledge of the specific elements involved in such events.

We understand the professional requirements needed for your corporate gathering. For example, our wireless microphone allows the user to speak from anywhere in the room, of course with clear, static-free sound. We have the proper music to fit the overall environment. And we always consult with your event planner to meet any special circumstances.

Whether a product launch, an off-site conference or your big year-end extravaganza, Groove Entertainment has the know-how (and the passion) to make your event the best in your company's history.

Picture a prestigious gathering of executives on the roof of a five-star hotel, having the time of their lives into the wee hours of the morning. Picture a group of media employees partying on an exclusive tour ship, leisurely cruising past the skyline of a major metro city. Picture young athletes and their wives whooping it up at a resort clubhouse, letting loose for the first time in months. We have provided entertainment for these events and many others.

When it comes to corporate events, we are extremely flexible, and we stand eager to adapt to whatever you have in mind. We have serviced a wide range of clients, and we will continue to do so. If you are planning a corporate event of any type -- large or small, rich or poor -- we are a good fit.

And FYI... events on weekdays receive a significant discount.


Home  Weddings  Corporate Greek 
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