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No matter what your musical tastes, or what sort of music your event requires, Groove Entertainment can deliver exactly what you want. With a library of over 50,000 songs, we have a wealth of music: Top-40, Rock, Country, Oldies, Soul, Classics, Hip-Hop, Big-Band, Jazz, Mellow, Novelty -- new or old: we have it all.

At Groove entertainment, we believe in communication. We prefer to talk with you before your event to determine any music or deejay-style preferences you may have. We welcome a request list form you, if you care to assemble one.

Our wedding-song library is extensive. We aim to play the perfect song for your first-dance, father-daughter dance, even your bouquet-toss. Our number-one goal is to assure that the music at your wedding is exactly what you want.

We created a few music mixes for you, just so you can hear a sampling of songs. To hear these mixes, you need to visit our main website (not this mobile website). Click here to see the Music page on the main website.

Your event deserves a superior sound system, and that is one of our strengths. We use the highest quality, state-of-the-art components. We supply everything: music players, microphones, mixers, amplifiers, powered speakers and a variety of dance lighting.

Every environment and audience is unique. Our assortment of equipment is flexible and can suit any logistical situation. The specific setup we employ for your event depends on the venue, the crowd size, the acoustics and certain other factors.

And rest assured, we adjust the volume level to your preference, not ours. Our goal is to reproduce clear, rich audio, not drive everyone out of the room. We make certain the music sounds great and really thumps, with a full range of crisp high-frequencies and solid bass, but we avoid ear-splitting volume.

We provide the music you want to hear, and deliver it with exceptional audio fidelity.


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